The disclosure of MACC E911 records are governed by appropriate state and local regulations. Dispatch center communications are subject to judicial process and may be considered admissible evidence. All phone, radio and Computer Aided Dispatch entries are recorded. The disclosure of MACC E911 records may have certain identifiable details redacted to protect a person's right to privacy. Any redactions made shall be explained in writing.

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) requires that MACC E911 keeps recording of 911 telephone conversations for 90 (ninety) days.



  • RCW 42.56 Public Records Act
  • RCW 42.17.250 Public Records
  • WAC 246.100.016 Medical Confidentiality
  • RCW 70.24.022(3) Sexually Transmitted Disease Confidentiality
  • MACC E911 will respond to requests within five (5) business days of receiving the request. In addition, reasonable time may be required for inspection and/or copying of public records.



MACC E911 Makes Public Records Available Upon Request

The MACC E911 Public Records Request Form must be accurately completed.
MACC E911 makes public records available for inspection and access subject to the following conditions:

  • Dated request includes name, address, contact information of requestor.
  • Description of public records adequate to locate the records.
  • Inspection and copying occurs on MACC E911 premises.
  • Public records may not be removed, disassembled, or altered.
  • We will not disclose lists of individuals for commercial purposes.
  • For large request, copies may be provided in installments.
  • The requestor will indicate which documents he or she wishes to have copied.

MACC E911 provides space to inspect records.
MACC E911 makes records available for inspection by appointment during normal business hours, excluding holidays.

Requests to inspect or copy public records must be in writing and identify the records being sought with reasonable specificity. Requests that are too generalized may be returned to the requesting individual for further clarification.

Public Records Request Form is available as pdf documents.

Public Records request must include:

  • Name and address and contact information for requestor.
  • Description of public records adequate to locate the records
  • Date of Request

Response to Records Requests

Within five business days of receipt of the request:

  • Send a letter advising of receipt of the request
  • Provide a reasonable estimate when records will be available
  • Contact requestor to request clarification if necessary
  • Deny the request citing reason for denial

Records Exempt from Public Inspection and Copying

  1. Information revealing the identity of persons who are witnesses to or victims of crime or who file complaints with investigative, law enforcement, or penology agencies, other than the commission, or disclosure would endanger any person's life, physical safety, or property. If at the time a complaint is filed the complainant, victim, or witness indicates a desire for disclosure or nondisclosure, such desire shall govern. (RCW 42.56.240 (2))
  2. Specific intelligence information and specific investigative records compiled by investigative, law enforcement, and penology agencies, and state agencies vested with the responsibility to discipline members of any profession, the nondisclosure of which is essential to effective law enforcement or for the protection of any person's right to privacy. ( RCW 42.56.240 (1))
  3. Information revealing the identity of child victims of sexual assault who are under age eighteen. Identifying information means the child victim's name, address, location, photograph, and in cases in which the child victim is a relative or stepchild of the alleged perpetrator, identification of the relationship between the child and the alleged perpetrator. (RCW 42.56.250 (5))
  4. HIV/AIDS medical status. (RCW 70.24.105)
  5. Patient medical information (WAS 246-100-016)
  6. Disclosure of sensitive information contained in MACC E911 employee personnel files (RCW 42.17.310)
  7. MACC E911 will not disclose lists of individuals for commercial purposes.

If only a portion of a record is exempt from disclosure, the exempt portions of the record will be redacted before providing the document.

Costs for Public Records

MACC E911 follows the United Fee Schedule:

Black & White Copies: $0.15 per page
Mailing: Actual costs of postage and shipping package
Other Media: Actual costs of reproduction

(Color, electronic and/or information provided on a CD-ROM)

Do not enclose payment with your request. Payment will be required at time of delivery. Check made payable to Multi Agency Communications Center.

For large requests MACC E911 may:

  • Require a deposit of up to 10 (ten) percent of estimated costs of all the records selected by the requester and may require full payment before providing the records.
  • Provide copies in installments
  • Require advance payment before providing further installments

MACC E911 will not charge for retrieval or inspection of public records.

Special Considerations

If a requestor has not reviewed or claimed records within 30 days of notice that records are available or fails to make payment, the Public Records Request may be closed.

If requested records contain information that may affect rights of others, before providing the records, MACC E911 may give notice and allow time for action by the other parties.

After a request has been filled, if MACC E911 becomes aware of additional documents existing at the time of the request, these will be provided to the requestor on an expedited basis.

Requesting Review of Denials

A requestor may send a written petition to the Public Records Officer in order to have any disclosure denial reviewed. See the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 42.56) for more information.

Public Records Officer

The Public Records Officer oversees compliance with the Public Records Act and administers the program consistent with MACC E911 Public Records Policy and Procedure. The Director will designate a Public Records Officer to oversee compliance of the Public Records program.

Role of the Public Records Officer:

  • Provide the "fullest assistance" to requestors
  • Coordinate response to requests with departments and offices
  • Provide most timely possible & efficient action on requests
  • Protect public records from damage or disorganization
  • Track all request for public records
  • Respond to all requests within five business days
  • Coordinate review of records
  • Close complete, withdrawn or abandoned requests.

If requested records contain information that may affect rights of others, before providing the records, the Public Records Officer will give notice and allow time for action by the other parties.

For assistance, or to make requests by letter, email, or phone contact:

Multi Agency Communications Center
208 S. Hamilton Rd.
Moses Lake WA 98837

Public Records Officers:
Tammy Hewlett
Business Phones: (509)793-1764
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Jackie Jones
Business Phone: (509)793-1771
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it